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1. Free simulation demonstration: The Chengfeng exhibition hall of  8 large and medium-sized cities across the country, customers can get free detailed        demonstrations by professional sales staff.

2. Seat lending: During the delivery period of the customer's ordered furniture, according to the customer's request, the furniture (limited to a certain range of in-stock products) can be rented or borrowed.

3. Computer-aided design: Customers only need to provide a floor plan, professional designers will design the layout to what you want.

4. 5 to 10 years product warranty: Some products of Chengfeng office furniture are guaranteed for 5 years, and some products (such as steel cabinets) are guaranteed for 10 years. During the warranty period, any quality problems arising from the product itself will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

5. Professional installation and maintenance: professional technicians will carry out installation and daily maintenance for you.

6. Large-scale project management: The engineering director with rich experience in large-scale project management will coordinate with the customer's third party (decoration company, power company) to rationalize the furniture layout.

7. Furniture relocation: Customers will enjoy a free furniture demolition and reorganization (only charge for transportation), and get a redesigned computer furniture layout.

8. Anti-fouling treatment: If the customer needs, the professional will be sent to do the furniture cleaning treatment and guidance (for paid service).

9. Business Consulting: No matter where you are, you can get all kinds of professional consultations on the use, function and matching of furniture by any salesperson of Chengfeng Furniture.