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X-team Panel System


Unique, simple and stylish, the screen internal routing function can meet the line management needs of large call centers, and can minimize the space occupied by the screen thickness, and the assembly is simple.


The X-team is 38mm thick and has a rounded appearance. The frame is available in silver and carbon grey. It differs from the usual rectangular shape screens and bullet screens. That is, there is no sense of solemnity in the shape of the square, and there is no slender sense of the bullet shape. The X-team shows a soft sense of spatial integration.


A four-way connecting post that solves all 90-degree connections, that’s a feature won’t be found in other screen systems; The screen is completely assembled in the factory, and with a unique connection design, the patented connection accessories allow you to complete the installation of the screen without the need for installation experience and tools. It can also be easily disassembled and reorganized without damaging the appearance and structure of the screen.

Hanging system

A variety of hanging accessories, such as hanging cabinets, hanging bookshelves, telephone racks, etc. are available.


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