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i5 & i3 Panel System


The i5 system is designed to meet the needs of screen workstation,  that requires good wiring management , yet are stylish and easy to install. The i5 perfectly satisfies these. In order to create more agility in the office space, we specially designed  i3 panel with the same shape but 30mm thickness to match it,.


The thickness of i5 is 50mm, and has white , silver and carbon grey color frame for choice. Its lines are simple and generous, and are free from monotony. Whether it is a separate combination of itself or a combination with i3, it is very fashionable. The unique look is different.


The screen is completely assembled in the factory, and with a unique connection design, the patented connection accessories allow you to complete the installation of the panel without the need for installation experience and tools. It can also be easily disassembled and reorganized without damaging the appearance and structure of the panel.

Hanging system

A variety of hanging accessories, such as hanging cabinets, hanging bookshelves, telephone racks, etc. are available.


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