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Chengfeng Furniture Co., Ltd. is one of the most outstanding suppliers of integrated office furniture in China. It is engaged in the design, manufacture, sales and service of high quality office furniture, and is committed to providing overall office environment solutions for users.

Shenzhen Chengfeng is a Hong Kong-funded enterprise, started in 1993. It is the largest office furniture supplier in Hong Kong, and also has 12 dealers in the global market. In order to meet the strong demand of high-quality furniture in the domestic market, the company has cooperated with 8 domestic distributors who have years of experience in providing high-end office furniture, and established “Chengfeng Furniture Co., Ltd.” in Shenzhen and 8 subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai , Suzhou and other cities, to provide high quality products and services to users. "Chengfeng Furniture Co., Ltd." is committed to standardized operation. It has been certificated with ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, BS, BIFMA and CQC for all range of its products.

Due to continuously investing in innovation and equipments, the company has earned Chengfeng a wide recognition in the market. In the domestic market, the company's full line of products has been selected into the green list of government procurement, and has been selected as the designated supplier of office furniture in China's state organs, the designated procurement supplier of office furniture in the central government, the designated procurement supplier of office furniture in Beijing Municipal Government, and the fixed procurement of office furniture in Shanghai Municipal Government. Also, the company keeps strategic cooperation with lots of banks, insurance and large multinational companies. In the international market, it works with world-class office furniture brands, such as Steelcase, Vitra, Herman miller and Haworth and other furniture companies.

The company has a large-scale modern production base in Guanlan, Shenzhen. It has the latest automation equipments imported from Germany, Italy and Japan, and a large number of skilled workers, ensuring that Chengfeng provides a steady stream of high-quality furniture products to the market.